What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility and traffic of a website in search engines organic search results..

What is SEO?
Link Building

Link building is a very important part of SEO. I am listing a few things you can do to generate links from other sites.
1.- Create high quality content with links that other website and blog owners want to use as a reference.
2.- Stay on top of current events or new product launches and write unique articles that can add information about the recent news event or product launch.
3.- Find forums and or blogs in your area of the internet and contribute useful information that contributes to the information being presented. If your post are good enough many of these social network sites will allow you to post links in your post.
4.- Facebook and Twitter are being used to get links. Realtime search now indexes your FB comments and tweets in seconds. Social media a great way to get links.

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Private Training

Experienced SEO specialist with over 12 years of experience is offering private training in SEO. Learn how to become a webmaster.

Private Training
Effective SEO

There are many things you can do to help your site rankings in the search engines and many that can hurt your site ranking as well. I will discuss both to help you get a good understanding of what to do as well what not to do.
1.- Do create useful and well written page titles unique to each page.
2.- Do create good H1 headers to help users and search engines know what the major points of that page are going to be, and further break down the copy with H2 and H3 tags.
3.- Do not copy others work and post it to your site.
4.- Don not use reciprocal trading directories, triangular linking, or tying to build a nest of sites for interlinking.
5.- Do not try to take the fast way and buy or solicit to buy links from other sites.

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Website Planning

Keep your website simple especially when beginning the planning for your website, keep things as simple as possible. Simple sometimes is better.

Website Planning
Website Development

Purchasing the best domain name is critical to website development, not the least of which are core SEO (search engine optimization) parameters. Choosing your domain name is very important to the success of your business. I am listing a few things you need to consider before purchasing.
1.- Take time research all available names before you purchase your domain. Sometimes it is best to buy a number of different domain names and then try to determine the best one for your situation.
2.- Try to find a a domain with the desired keyword in the name, or search for expired names you can purchase at a domain auction.
3.- .COM domains are still considered to be the best option if you can find one.
4- Once you have selected your domain name it is time to develop your website in a manner to promote positive growth and development.

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